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Group Profile

Group Profile

  JULINK GROUP, established in 2003, is an international engineering integrated service provider with its headquarters in Nanjing, China and its operation center in Shanghai, China. The Group now has 8 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries and 8 secondary legal person companies (branches). JULINK Group has obtained ten qualifications, such as Grade I general contracting for construction engineering, Grade I general contracting for electromechanical engineering, Grade III of general contracting for municipal utility construction, Grade I specialized contracting for fire protection facilities, Grade I specialized contracting for building decoration, Grade I specialized contracting for environmental protection engineering, Grade II specialized contracting for electronic and intelligent engineering, Grade II specialized contracting for waterproof, anticorrosion and heat preservation engineering, Grade II specialized contracting for steel structure engineering and Grade III specialized contracting for building electromechanical installation engineering.




 China's industrial and urban renewal quality service provider

  Since its establishment, JULINK GROUP has served the projects invested by 11 countries and regions in China, and has continuously provided high-quality engineering consulting management, design, construction and delivery services for global enterprises. The types of projects include electronics, integrated circuits, automobiles, new energy, chemicals, food, medicine, machinery, textiles, logistics, data centers, large commercial complexes, shopping centers, etc.

  Relying on the location advantage of Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Economic Integration Center, JULINK GROUP has continuously absorbed high-end international talents, comprehensively built JULINK brand, adhered to the mission of "creating value for customers", and better provided scientific, green and high-quality services for customers and partners.




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Address: Floor 8, No.106 Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, Jiangsu

Room 4001,Shanghai Tower,No.501,Yincheng Middle  Road,Shanghai

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